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MUNS: Russia

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Cultural Survival

Who are the indigenous peoples of Russia? 



The Teleut is a Turkic people, living in its historical homeland, mainly in 5 villages of the Kemerovo region, in South Western Siberia. There are only 2,500 individuals left, but they have preserved aspects of their traditional way of life.

Today I will tell you about the Tuva Republic. The harmony between nature and culture is what touches me the most in Tuva. Their customs and traditions: Khuresh, the throat singing, horse racings, and everywhere these sacred natural places covered with multi-colored pieces of fabric all of this gives a feeling of spirituality. Spirits seem to be still here, everywhere, even in the endless steppe with these remnants of tumulus.

Exploring Russia's relationship with its Indigenous People.

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Department of Economic and Social Affairs Indigenous Peoples


Minorities that have been granted territorial recognition can be broadly divided into two categories: religious and linguistic minorities. This distinction does not reflect any official division between groups based on religion or language, but rather the primary element around which group self-identity is formed in each case.

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