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Australian Popular Culture 1950's-1960's: Australian Film

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Australian Pop Culture 1950's

After World War Two, pop culture in Australia evolved at a rapid pace. From the rise of the 'teenager' to surfing culture and drive-ins, post war Australia was redefined by an increase in leisure time and prosperity.

1949 - 1970 Arising from the Ashes. The Post-war film world was dominated by the giants of Hollywood but local heroes managed to achieve huge successes with stories including Smiley and Jedda, and stars such as Chips Rafferty and Bud Tingwell. This episode explores the influences which encouraged successes in the Australian Film industry. We look at Australian life during the Menzies era and the radical times of the 60's - the point where the Australian film industry emerged and gained a financial footing for the first time in decades.


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