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Biotechnology: Genome analysis

Year 10 Science

Journal of Medical Ethics

We describe ethical preparedness as a necessary component for the successful delivery of novel healthcare innovations, and use recent advances in genomic healthcare as an example.

The Conversation

The variation captured in these genomes, when compared to genomes sampled elsewhere, provides a fingerprint that might be associated with a particular virus and a particular cluster of transmission.

The Guardian

One of our most important areas of difference, and certainly the one that is increasingly subject to scientific scientific analysis, is our personal genome.

BMC Medical Ethics


Platforms for sharing genomic and phenotype data have been developed to promote genomic research, while maximizing the utility of existing datasets and minimizing the burden on participants.



This paper examines the ethical principles that should guide regulatory processes regarding consent and data sharing in this context.

ABC Religion and Ethics

Human enhancement: The promise and perils of gene-editing technology


Genomic sequencing is a process for analyzing a sample of DNA taken from your blood. In the lab, technicians extract DNA and prepare it for sequencing.

Dr. Eric Green, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) stresses that genomic sequencing, particularly in a clinical environment, carries important ethical considerations. These include how to handle incidental findings and how (or if) to integrate genomic information within patient medical records.

What are the ethical implications of crispr? Where do we draw the line when manipulating the genetic makeup of humans or other organisms? Should parents be able to design their own children? In this video on the channel question, we will explore CRISPR in a different light, considering the ethical implications of the powerful gene editing technology. CRISPR opens up many grey areas in ethics, which need to be addressed before the technology can be readily adopted. The video will be set up differently from my usual format; instead of answering questions, I will pose questions for you to ponder. Post questions that you have about the ethics of CRISPR for further discussion in the comments below! I would love to hear some intelligent conversation and debate in the comments about CRISPR; I think it would bring certain issues to light and promote discussion about the usage of CRISPR.

EBSCO ebook


Log into Firefly and choose the link EBSCO academic ebooks. Search for the title Human Genome : Components, Structural/functional Disorders & Ethical Issues

What is Biotechnology?


While the dideoxy system marked a major breakthrough in terms of the accuracy and speed of sequencing, it had one drawback. It could only be done with single-stranded DNA.



There are many advantages to sequencing an entire genome, some more obvious than others.

Genomics Education Program


Your Genome


An area of genomics focusing specifically on the sequencing and analysis of one person’s genome.