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Catholic Church in Australia: Significant Locations/Events

Year 9 Religion

St Mary's Cathedral Sydney

Dictionary of Sydney

St Mary's Cathedral is built on the oldest continuous site of Catholic worship in Australia. The first St Mary's was built on land given to the church in 1820 by Governor MacQuarie.

Castle Hill convict rebellion 1804

The Castle Hill rebellion, which occurred in Sydney in 1804, originated in the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland. This rebellion has been described as one of the most concentrated episodes of violence in Irish history, with a death toll on all sides estimated at 30,000

National Museum of Australia


The Castle Hill Rebellion of 1804 was Australia’s first uprising.

The rebellion was an attempt by a group of Irish convicts to overthrow British rule in New South Wales and return to Ireland where they could continue to fight for an Irish republic.

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The building still survives to this day and is located at the University of Western Sydney.

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St Mary's Cathedral


Female Orphan School

The Female Orphan School was built as an expression of the colonial government's policy of providing care for young 'orphaned' girls. The vision for a Female Orphan School was primarily that of Phillip Gidley King, the third Governor of New South Wales and the Reverend Samuel Marsden.

Trove- Female Orphanage

The Female Orphan School was set up in George Street, Sydney, by Governor King in 1801 to house destitute young girls. When it was officially opened on 17 August, 1801, 31 girls aged between the ages of 7 and 14 were in residence.