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Cyclones: Cyclones

Year 9 Science

Finding Resources in Accessit


Here are some books that you may find useful during your studies.  Search the Bennies catalogue Accessit for more, or browse the Non-fiction collection NFS.



ABC Splash




ABC News segments detailing the approach of cyclone Yasi to the far north Queensland coast. Includes reports from journalists at the scene and meteorological information.

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Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

Disaster Resilience

Tropical Cyclones are formed over the ocean in the area around the equator, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Geoscience Australia


Historically, bush fires, floods, earthquakes, landslides and cyclones have caused loss of life and significant damage to property and infrastructure.

Bureau of Meterology

A tropical cyclone is a low-pressure system which develops in the tropics and is sufficiently intense to produce sustained gale force winds of at least 63km/h. If the sustained wind reaches hurricane force of at least 118km/h the system is defined as a severe tropical cyclone. In other parts of the world they are called hurricanes or typhoons.

Previous Tropical cyclones in Australia

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