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Fair Work Ombudsman


We have a range of tools to help you resolve issues in your workplace. Our experience shows that disagreements are more likely to be resolved quickly if employees and employers work together to agree on a solution before we get involved

Fair work Commision


Disputes can arise at any workplace. A dispute exists when one or more people disagree about something and the matter remains unresolved.

It is often less stressful and costly to resolve disputes at the workplace before coming to the Fair Work Commission for help, as coming to the Commission begins a formal legal process.


The federal Industrial Relations system applies to employees of all private industry businesses in New South Wales. The main federal legislation that governs employment law in New South Wales is the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act).

This Act does not apply to employees of NSW government agencies; for example, the State public service or the local councils. They remain covered by the NSW Industrial Relations Act 1996 (IR Act).

There are, however, some aspects of employment law in New South Wales that are subject to other NSW laws, including the occupational health and safety laws, workers compensation laws and some laws that deal with specific leave provisions such as long service leave.


Miriam Corowa speaks with Linda Scott from Safety Consultants Australia about the impact that workplace bullying can have on the individual.

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