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Food Availability and Selection: Historical Changes in the Australian Food Industry

Year 11 2 Unit Food Technology

Department of Agriculture- R and D

Good science is the foundation of productive, competitive and sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries. It plays an essential role in public policy development and evidence-based decision-making across the department. This strategy provides a high-level framework for the development of our science capability until 2018.

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The future of farming: Innovation in Australian agriculture.


Technological advances have led to an increase in food productivity and quality in recent years. In this program we consider environmental issues in food production and question the true cost of these changes

Here's some food for thought: new innovations in food technology are changing the way we grow, make, and eat our food. From 3D printed pizza to liquid nitrogen ice cream, these high-tech foods are sure to make your mouth water.


When customers purchase mass produced food products they expect consistency in taste, texture, appearance and smell. Food companies spend large amount of money ensuring that all factors of quality control meet the consumer's expectations. This program identifies the various levels of controls in place in Australia to ensure that the food provided to consumers is of high quality. The aim of food manufacturers is to prepare and market foods that will be safe to eat and that will have a reasonable shelf-life. This program explores the many factors on how quality can be measured in food manufacturing. Then the program examines the importance of quality control in food manufacture, due to the recent food poisoning outbreaks. It finishes by looking at who is responsible for quality assurance within a large food manufacturer.

CSIRO- Food Science

Since we started life as the Advisory Council of Science and Industry in 1916, we’ve advanced Australia with a range of inventions and innovations that have had significant positive impact on the lives of people around the world.

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