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Year 7 Maths

Australian Curriculum

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures in Mathematics

The Australian Curriculum: mathematics values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. It provides opportunities

for students to appreciate that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies have sophisticated applications of mathematical


Students will explore connections between representations of number and pattern and how they relate to aspects of Aboriginal and

Torres Strait Islander cultures. They will investigate time, place, relationships and measurement concepts in Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander contexts. Students will deepen their understanding of the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

through the application and evaluation of statistical data.

Australian Aboriginal Mathematics

In Australia, mathematical systems have been developed over tens of thousands of years to create intricate kinship systems.

Indigenous Language Wordlist of Numbers

This indigenous word list highlights numbers recorded from over 70 Queensland and Torres Strait Islander language or dialects.

Aboriginal Number Systems

A description of mathematical concepts of Australian Aboriginal people (From page 11).

ABC Splash

Learn how to count to 10 in Gomeroi! Community cultural leader Matthew Priestley has been teaching students at Moree East Public School how to speak the traditional Gomeroi language. Listen as the students teach you.

You Tube

From The Story of 1, a look at the Walpiri and how they make do without counting.

ABC Splash

Presenter Taylor Power-Smith helps us learn to count to ten in Kaurna, the Indigenous language of the Kaurna people of Adelaide and the Adelaide Plains.

ClickView- Waabiny Time

Keny, Koodjal, Dambart-One, Two Three. Counting is moorditj And do you know the kala, the colours of the rainbow.

Useful Links

ABC News Concepts of numbers in Indigenous Australian languages changed over time. While English speakers may talk of infinite possibilities, ancient Australian Aboriginal languages very rarely stretched past number five. However, a study published today shows that far from being simple, Aboriginal numeral systems "lost and gained" numbers over time Numbers in Indigenous languages.


Indigenous Number Systems Numbers in Indigenous languages ws something that was generally collected by linguists, anthropologists and others with interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.




First Footprints

Startling new archaeological discoveries reveal how the first Australians adapted, migrated, fought and created in dramatically changing environments.