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Issues in Australian Environments: Air Quality

Year 10 Geography

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Air pollution comes from many sources, so to find the best ways to improve air quality we need to know the contribution made by each source. While urban and regional air pollution arises from a combination of natural, commercial business, domestic activity, industrial premises, motor vehicle and off-road vehicles and equipment emissions, the contributions vary according to location.

Census Australia


Australian Greens health spokesperson, Dr Richard Di Natale, was interviewed by The Project about his Senate Inquiry into the health impacts of air pollution, such as coal dust.

What is pollution? What causes pollution? Where is pollution found? Who will take charge of the big cleanup? This program answers these questions while discussing how pollution impacts on the environment and its disastrous consequences. Studied in detail are substances that constitute pollution in the environment including green house gasses, oil, fossil fuels, plastic, litter, and human waste. We also discuss the problem of pollution in developing countries and what needs to be done to foster a sustainable future. An eye-opening program about the effects of pollution on our planet.

Air Quality Index

Air quality index (AQI) values are updated hourly and a daily air quality forecast is made for the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Region at 4pm each day.

Air Pollution in Australia

Air pollution in Australia- Real-time air quality index visual map


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Australian Government- Dept of Environment

Not only does the air we breathe impact our health and well being, good air quality is critical for supporting the amenity of the places we live in, our environment, and maintaining our way of life.

The respiratory and cardiovascular effects of air pollution have long been known. In recent years, air pollution has also been identified as a cause of cancer. Sensitive individuals (for example, children, the elderly and those with existing heart and lung diseases) are particularly susceptible to the effects of air pollution. Both short-term and long-term exposure to air pollution can cause health problems.

National Clean Air Agreement

National Air Quality Standards

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Air pollution is the greatest environmental issue concerning Australians (Environmental Issues: Peoples Views and Practices (4602.0)). Poor air quality can have a number of negative impacts on both environmental and human health (EPAV 2000).

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