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Looking for Alibrandi: Articles- Looking for Alibrandi


Not quite white (enough)

Papers: Explorations into Children's Literature. 17.2 (Dec. 2007): p59+. From Literature Resource Center.


Zannettino, L 2007, ‘From 'Looking for Alibrandi' to 'Does my head look big in this?' The role of Australian teenage novels in reconceptualising racialised-genered identities’, Transforming Cultures eJournal, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 96–115.

Young Adult Fiction in Australia

Looking at Motherhood

Beere, Diana. Looking at motherhood in 'Looking for Alibrandi' [online]. English in Australia, No. 110, Dec 1994: [53]-62.

The Emotion of Truth

Cultural Studies Review volume 19 number 2 September 2013 pp. 125–49  Francesco Ricatti 2013.

Looking for Alibrandi- Screenplay

Looking for Identity

Food, Generation & Hybridity in Looking for Alibrandi

Hynes, Louise. Looking for Identity Food, Generation & Hybridity in Looking for Alibrandi [online]. Australian Screen Education Online, No. 24, [2000]


By the close of the twentieth century, Australian children's literature had developed themes and narrative strategies responsive to the transformation in the ethnic mix of Australian society during the second half of the century.


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