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Year 10 English

Finding Resources in Oliver

Here are some resources that you may find useful during your studies.  Search the Bennies catalogue Oliver for more, or browse the Non-fiction collection NFS.



Ethan Hawke looks at the greatest productions of Shakespeare's Macbeth as he uncovers the true story behind the cursed 'Scottish Play'.

Educational program which takes one scene from the classic Shakespeare play 'Macbeth' and examines the characters and their unique position in the scene. Actors and actresses look back over the history of how a Shakespeare character has been played and then act their own interpretation of a key scene. Presented by Louise Lombard, who also performs as Lady Macbeth.

LitCharts- Macbeth


Macbeth Images

Litchart Study Guide- Macbeth

Macbeth Resources -Trove

Macbeth- Literary Resource Centre



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