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This captivating biography is replete with the adventure, mishap, fortune and inexhaustible resolve of a truly historic life.

This event struck a chord worldwide, reminding us that South Africa, historically, was not only the first country to be colonised but also the last country to be decolonised.

The story of the man behind the myth, probing Mandela's character, leadership and life's method through intimate recollections with friends, political allies and adversaries.


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a nonviolent anti-apartheid activist, politician, and philanthropist who became South Africa’s first black president. Find out more about his life in this short biography.

Sky's Special Correspondent Alex Crawford looks back on Nelson Mandela's life. The anti-apartheid icon died surrounded by his family at his Johannesburg home at 8.50pm local time. South Africa's president Jacob Zuma said Mr. Mandela, who was 95.

In 1990, NewsHour Anchor Robert MacNeil interviewed Nelson Mandela.

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The New York Times- Timeline

Timeline- Nelson Mandela’s quest for freedom in South Africa’s system of white rule took him from the court of tribal royalty to the liberation underground to a prison cell to the presidency.

S.A History Online

Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on memory, dialogue and legacy work, founded by Nelson Mandela in 1999. We are the custodian of his life and times; we are a committed facilitator of his living legacy; and we are mandated to promote his lifelong vision of freedom and equality for all.

Nelson Mandela was the first Black president of South Africa, elected after time in prison for his anti-apartheid work. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

The U.S. Government Had Nelson Mandela on Terrorist Watch Lists Until 2008. Here's Why.

United Nations

On 24 September 2018, world leaders gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York for the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit. At the Summit, nearly 100 Heads of State and Government, Ministers, Member States and representatives of civil society participants adopted a political declaration committed to redoubling efforts to build a just, peaceful, prosperous, inclusive, and fair world, as they paid tribute to the late South African President’s celebrated qualities and service to humanity.


Ending Apartheid

When, in 1989, F. W. de Klerk was appointed leader of the National Party of South Africa, few people expected any sudden reversal of the policy of apartheid (“apartness”) that national governments had imposed on the nation’s non-white populations for nearly four decades.


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