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Motion and Chemical Reactions: Pharmaceutical Development

Year 10 Science

Drug Discovery

Manufacturing has been revolutionized by technology. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers are only just beginning to see the potential of innovative product creation.

Future Science

Artificial intelligence in drug discovery: what is new, and what is next?

The pharmaceutical industry is in a drug-discovery slump. How much can AI help?


The use of robots in the pharmaceutical industry is reasonably common. Robotics and automation solutions offer precision, around the clock cycle times and cleanroom-graded operating capabilities that we humans struggle with.


Emerging technologies are enabling laboratory automation to occur on a smaller scale, with a less prohibitive price tag, and the potential of smart labs to significantly transform the R&D environment.


The global revenue of the pharmaceutical market is 1.2 trillion dollars. With such capital at stake and with the pace of technological disruption, the pharma industry has to embrace new technologies, therapies, and innovations and put a greater focus on prevention and digital health.

We need to change how we prescribe drugs, says physician Daniel Kraft: too often, medications are dosed incorrectly, cause toxic side effects or just don't work. In a talk and concept demo, Kraft shares his vision for a future of personalized medication, unveiling a prototype 3D printer that could design pills that adapt to our individual needs.

Christian Hebenstreit, General Manager & SVP EMEA at Medidata Solutions, discusses how technology is driving the future of drug development and clinical trials.

Insilico Medicine

By continuously inventing and deploying new artificial intelligence technologies. We provide AI solutions to the top pharma and biotechnology companies to enable streamlined R&D efforts and transform the way therapeutics and materials are discovered.

The Guardian

Technology that speeded the development of Covid vaccines has the potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry.

The Conversation

The next pharmaceutical revolution could be 3D bioprinted.

The Medical Futurist

We help understand digital health technologies to bring healthcare into the 21st century.