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Experiences of POW's During WW11 in the Pacific: Changi

Year 10 History

Year 10 History

The content in the resource may be confronting to users. Please consult your teacher before viewing. 

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During WWII, 30,000 Australian soldiers were imprisoned in Europe and the Pacific. Conditions were horrific and many didn’t survive. This programme explores confronting details about life as an Australian POW, told by Judy Monroe whose father, Ian Barker, was held captive by the Italian army for four years, later writing his memoirs at age 80. Commentary is also provided by the ANU’s Professor David Horner.


Changi prison camp, Singapore. Shows the type of dwellings in which POW were housed, cooking and washing facilities and the condition of the troops generally after their long period as prisoners. The cheerful spirit on the part of the victims is also illustrated in the film.

Members of 2/26 Australian Infantry Battalion, 2/12 Field Company and 8 Australian Division Signals shown leaving Changi prison by truck for Singapore wharf and home. Funeral of three POWs who died in 2/14 Australian General Hospital shortly before they were due to return home. Members of 2/29 Battalion (ex POWs) formed a guard of honour for the dead. Visit of Major General Dempsey, General Officer Commanding 14 British Army to hospital during his tour of inspection of the Changi Gaol area. Chaplain G A Beatty of Sydney, NSW, giving the last blessing over the graves. NX70416 Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Gallagher Galleghan DSO ED, senior Australian officer at Changi prison, formerly CO of 2/30 Battalion.


Over 22,000 Australians became prisoners of war of the Japanese in south-east Asia : Army (about 21,000); RAN (354); and RAAF (373). The Army prisoners were largely from the 8th Division captured at the fall of Singapore 

Australian Prisoners of War in Changi

Australian Prisoners of War in Burma 

Australian Prisoners of War Sandakan


Changi Map- 1942