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Australian Education System: Discipline

Year 11 Society and Culture


The debate over the relative benefits of Eastern and Western styles of school education has been kicked off again by two new studies which find evidence that strict discipline in the classroom produces better academic outcomes and a stronger work ethic in students, in results that could have implications for Australia's sliding academic performance internationally. 

20th C v's 21st C Classrooms PDF

1960’s typical classroom – teacher-centered, fragmented curriculum, students working in isolation, memorizing facts v's 21st Century  where learning is designed on upper levels of Blooms’: synthesis, analysis and evaluation.

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Australian kids behaving badly in classrooms, OECD report says.

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IT'S ever present but rarely acknowledged. Forget arguments about school funding, whether government or non-government schools achieve the strongest results, or what is the best way to reward teachers.

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For most of us, the word “discipline” conjures up thoughts of reactive and controlling measures for dealing with student misbehavior. However, the model of discipline proposed in 21st Century Discipline is an ongoing, proactive set of behaviors used to create a cooperative environment which minimizes the likelihood of negative, disruptive behavior.