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Skellig: Skellig

Year 7 English

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David Almond

The book took me six months to write. It was my first book for young people. It was taken by the first publisher that read it, the wonderful Hodder Children’s Books. It won The Carnegie Medal and The Whitbread Children’s Book of the Year. It has been published in forty languages.

The Guardian-Book Review

What makes Skellig a unique book is that the main character, Skellig, is never fully explained. He could be anything from a sick angel to an ancient bird species. Author David Almond chooses not to tell us exactly "who" or "what" Skellig is, leaving it open to the reader's interpretation.

Skellig Character Map

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After moving with his family into a new home, a boy discovers a bird-like man living in the old garage on their property.

Author, David Almond, tells us more about his book, Skellig.

Skellig-Readers Guide

Skellig Study Guide

Skellig is the name of a creature a young boy named Michael discovers in the garage of his new home on Falconer Road. The rocky and mysterious Skellig Islands off the coast of Ireland are home to an ancient monastery and thousands of puffins and gannets, which are local migratory birds. Skellig, the title character, is mysterious, birdlike, and angelic, which the association with the Skellig Islands suggests.

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BBC Bitesize

Themes are the main ideas or meaning that run through a text and may be shown directly or indirectly. When working out themes it helps to look closely at the language choice, setting and characters.

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