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Technology and Agriculture Careers: Agronomist

Year 7 TAS

Resources in Accessit

Here are some books that you may find useful during your studies.  Search the Bennies catalogue Accessit for more, or browse the Non-fiction collection NFS..

Environmental Science

Agronomy is defined as the science of cultivating and utilizing plants for various uses, including sustenance, fuel, and fabrics.

You Tube

So what is it like to be an agronomist? This video shows some of the activities that University of Wisconsin-Madison students Adam Gaspar and Marian Lund take part in as they prepare for agronomy related careers. Adam describes why agronomy is an exciting and fulfilling field of study.


Australian Society of Agronomists

What does an Agronomist do?  Professor Graeme Blair University of New England recently answered questions from a secondary school student researching occupations. 

The Conversation

Agriculture in Australia: growing more than our farming future.