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The World Communicates: The World Communicates

Year 11 Physics





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Other useful links

GPS and never having to say: 'Where am I?' - from NOVA, Australian Academy of Science

GPS Primer - from The Aerospace Corporation

Global Positioning System Overview - from The Geographers' Craft Project, University of Colorado Boulder


All About GPS - from Trimble GPS

.How DVDs and DVD Players Work - from How Stuff Works

How a Digital Video Drive Works - Electricity and Magnetism, Molecular Expressions

How A Compact Disc Works - a Java Applet from Electricity and Magnetism Interactive Java Tutorials, Molecular Expressions

 How Internet Radio Works - from How Stuff Works

How Wireless Internet Works - from How Stuff Works

How the Airborne Internet will Work - from How Stuff Works


How DVD's work

How GPS Works

How Does Broadband work?

Academic Searching

Google Scholar Search

Always consider how you search.  If you use inverted commas (eg. "Ancient Egypt") you will perform a more accurate search. 

Also, consider limiting the results to educational insitutions by adding to your search terms

Online Referencing Generator

Referencing using the Harvard Author-Date System

Sweet Searching

Khan Academy