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Through the Ages: 2000's


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Australian Bureau of Statisics


In 2000, Australia is an older, more culturally diverse, more densely populated and much more urbanised society holding wider religious affiliations, placing greater value on home ownership, with more females than males, and with a workforce more concentrated in service-industry based, 'white collar' occupations.

My Place

The 2000s opened with optimism but soon turned to fear. Sydney welcomed the world to the Olympic Games in 2000 and the Centenary of Federation in 2001 was an opportunity to celebrate. But also in 2001, with the September 11 terrorist attacks, dawned years of fear and racial tension.

2000s A Decade of Sport

Takes a look back at 10 of the defining moments in sport over the 2000s decade.


Olympic star Liesel Jones arrives at the house for beef sliders. Olivia is excited to plant herbs after meeting Stephanie Alexander. And with food costs escalating, Carol is overwhelmed by her visit to Foodbank.

Developments in technology over the last 200 years have changed the way we live, work and play. Travel back in time with the Ferrones as they try their best to adjust to life without modern technology. 

What do magpies, dugongs, goannas, yams, pie floaters, European vegetables and swans have in common? This clip explains, as animated pair Norman and Miranda serve up a timeline of Australian culinary history – from millennia before British settlement across more than two centuries since colonisation, to the multitude of influences on today’s cuisine.

The new millennium kicked off with a marathon satellite telecast spanning all corners of the globe. Meanwhile with the new millennium came TV’s new programming trend – reality programs and game shows, and a new technology as Australian TV enters the digital age.

National Film and Sound Archive

ABC Education

From polite persuasion to radical activism — the birth of the modern environment movement in Australia.


Religion in Australia 1970's to 2001