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War on Waste @ MSB: Bushland Management

Land Care

Finding Resources in Oliver


Here are some books that you may find useful during your studies.  Search the Bennies catalogue  Oliver for more, or browse the Non-fiction collection NFS.

Australian Association of Bush Regeneration

The Australian Association of Bush Regenerators was established in 1986, out of concern for the continuing survival and integrity of bushland and its dependent fauna. Our aim is to promote the study and practice of ecological restoration, and foster and encourage effective management of natural areas by qualified people, based on sound ecological principles.

The Bradley Method- In the 1960s and 1970s Joan and Eileen Bradley developed a series of weed control and native vegetation recovery techniques through trial and error. Their work was the beginning of bush regeneration in New South Wales. The ‘Bradley method’ involved methodically clearing small areas in and around healthy native vegetation so that the each area was re-colonised by the regeneration of native plants, replacing the weeds.


There are many reasons to become involved in caring for your local environment - meeting like minded people within the community - a sense of personal achievement - improving the environment in which we all live - improving property values and reducing fire risk - providing a better habitat for wildlife.

A short video for land managers in the Greater Sydney region on the Draft Regional Strategic Weed Plan. A video for landcare and bushcare volunteers on the Greater Sydney Region Strategic Weed Management plan. The Plan provides the framework for anyone managing weeds in the Greater Sydney region in line with the NSW Invasive species and Biosecurity Act 2015. The plan ensures investment into weed control achieves the greatest outcomes to prevent and eradicate new weeds and minimise the spread and impact of existing ones. It is critical resources going into weed control are properly targeted and achieve the best results.


National Trust NSW

The National Trust’s position as a public advocate for conservation of natural heritage demonstrates its commitment to principal. The National Trust actively commenced bushland management in 1976 when Joan Bradley a pioneer of Bush Regeneration, was employed by the National Trust to supervise a pilot scheme to regenerate a remnant of Blue Gum Forest at the Trust owned Ludovic Blackwood Memorial Sanctuary in Beecroft.