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War on Waste @ MSB: Reducing Waste

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Thanks to the brilliant ABC series War on Waste, you’ve seen the startling statistics on the waste we Australians generate.  Don’t feel overwhelmed… at Biome we’re great believers in many small changes adding up to a big reduction in waste.  And we’re here to help!

ABC News

Adelaide primary school on bold mission to wipe out waste and have no bins in seven years-Students from the Immanuel Primary School have set themselves an astonishing goal — to cut the entire school's waste to just one wheelie bin per week.


How to make beeswax cotton food wrap with either an iron or oven - shows you TWO easy techniques to infuse beeswax into cotton material to make an alternative to plastic cling wrap. Learn to use EITHER an OVEN or an IRON to melt the wax. Eco-friendly beeswax cotton wrap is simple to make, lasts a long time and is a natural anti-bacterial way of keeping your food fresh. In this video you will see how I made FOUR different beeswax wraps:

A square wrap - to wrap large and small food items A round wrap - to wrap food or cover plates or bowls

A cylinder shaped wrap and - a handy enclosed shape to wrap food

A pocket shaped wrap - a great addition to a lunch box Recycling at its best: using a nearly new cotton blouse!


All materials you need to make this felt project are listed below. If you'd like details on how to work out what size resist you need for your project, join me on Patreon and gain access to this and other valuable pieces of information, which I share with my crafty tribe supporters!

Wipe out Waste

Wipe out Waste

Wipe Out Waste (WOW)  is a South Australian state-wide program to assist all sites, from pre-school to year 12, which supports learning about and reducing waste in a whole of school community approach. 

Making a case for change

Each day we use resources and create waste. Some of these resources are limited or are renewed slowly. Our earth has a limited capacity to absorb waste. Many resources in our waste streams can be reused and manufactured into new products. New technologies can help us to eliminate the use of some resources.