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Disease States : Cornell Note Taking

Year 12 Food Tech

Cornell University


What are Cornell Notes? A brief description of Cornell Notes.


Learn to study faster and more efficiently, and remember more! I will show you my favorite system for taking notes, called the Cornell Notetaking System. You'll learn a way to take better notes and become a better active listener. I'll explain how to use this method and show you an example of it. Using the Cornell template will help you remember more of what you hear in class and help you organize your notes better

Cornell Notes are proven to help students study and increase their performance and retention. This video shows how to use this method in the classroom, while reading, or even watching videos.

On a sheet of lined note paper, draw a horizontal line above the bottom six lines of the paper. Then draw a vertical line from the top margin down to this horizontal line, about a third of the way from the left edge. Put today’s date at the top of the sheet. Take down your notes in the large “note-taking” right column. Your notes should consist of the main ideas of the lecture, video, or textbook you are studying. Keep your notes efficient. Paraphrase longer ideas. No need for complete sentences here. Use phrases that leave out parts of speech such as articles, conjunctions, prepositions, and auxiliaries. (Note: examples of these parts of speech will be in the visual). Think about how people write Twitter posts or news headlines. Use symbols and abbreviations where possible. Include quick sketches of the material when appropriate.