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Human Rights: Abuse of Children

Year 12 Legal Studies

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Our Mission is to prevent child sexual assault in our society.

Our Vision is to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.

Our Guiding Principles are to, at all times, tenaciously pursue our Mission without fear, favour or compromise and to continually ensure that the best interests, human rights and protection of the child are placed before all other considerations.

Our Guiding Values are to, at all times, do all things to serve our Mission with uncompromising integrity, respect, energy and empathy ensuring fairness, justice, and hope for all children and those who protect them

Australian Childhood Foundation

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Emeritus Professor Dorothy Scott discusses child protection issues in Australia.

Lesley Taylor founded NAPCAN (National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) in the Northern Territory in March 2000 and passionately believes in creating safer communities for children and young people.

We've heard the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' but does it also take a village to protect a child? Bob Lonne talks us through the current state of child protection and how building up community around children and families, by making it everyone's business, could lead to better outcomes in the future.

Bob Lonne (PhD) has extensive experience as a social worker in various child protection and youth justice roles in Queensland and West Australia. Professor Lonne has researched, written and consulted widely about the systemic issues confronting contemporary approaches to protecting children. His work combines academic rigour with a hands-on understanding of the practice realities in this complex area. He co-authored Reforming Child Protection and his research has examined media portrayals, informal care systems, kinship care, differential response, mandatory reporting, workforce issues and ethical practice in child welfare interventions. He has provided high level advice to governments in Australia, Canada and Ireland on how to refocus child welfare systems to achieve better outcomes for children, families and communities.

Issues in Society- International Aid eBook

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Developments in the past twenty years have placed child abuse and neglect on the public agenda in a way not previously seen. Australia, like other countries, began to acknowledge the existence and extent of the physical abuse of children during the 1960s and 1970s.


Prevention is an action or a set of actions designed to stop something before it actually occurs. The prevention of child abuse and neglect is a complex problem needing a whole set of strategies and actions to be successful in stopping maltreatment from occurring.


Safe Children, Safe Families Project is the next development of providing education to children around emotional IQ, development of social competence and improving children's abilities to communicate their emtions to others.