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Human Rights: Torture

Year 12 Legal Studies

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Australian Human Rights Commission

Most discussion of issues of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment deals with treatment of people who are in the custody of agents of the State. The scope of the rights recognised in Article 7 however is not restricted either to actions of specific actors such as police and prison officials, or specific locations such as detention centres.

Amnesty International

The Australian Government is choosing to subject women, men and children to an elaborate and cruel system of abuse with a policy that is intentionally designed to harm people, as highlighted in our new report: ‘Island of Despair’: Australia’s “processing” of refugees on Nauru.

You Tube

Shocking footage of abuse in an Australian juvenile detention center has been aired on Australian national television. The video dates back to 2014, when several young boys were held in solitary confinement and tear-gassed by guards. The authorities defended the actions of the guards at the time, congratulating them, as well as their guard dog, for their work.

Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers amounts to torture under international law, according to a new report by the human rights group, Amnesty International. About 1,200 asylum seekers have been forcibly transferred to what Australia calls an offshore processing center on the Pacific island of Nauru. As Henry Ridgwell reports from London, Amnesty interviewed refugees and whistleblowers from companies contracted to run the asylum centers.

Thousands of refugees have tried to seek asylum in Australia and have instead ended up stuck for years on remote islands in other countries. To most Australians, the refugees are out of sight and out of mind. Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas met some of the refugees on Manus island in Papua New Guinea.

A UN report has found that Australia is in breach of the international convention against torture in its treatment of some asylum seekers.

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