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Indigenous Textile Designers: Helen Oro

Year 7 Textiles

Helen Oro Design

Helen Oro Designs is a company founded by Helen Oro. Where traditional culture is an inspiration for modern day designs. Pieces are adorned or hand stitched onto modern styles. Our designs allow us to share our culture in an appropriate and respectful way.

Helen Oro- Twitter Feed

Australian Designers

Presenting Helen Oro Designs at TCU Place June 2016

An Indigenous fashion runway program in Australia and New Zealand that builds the self esteem and confidence of Indigenous people to become models, makeup artists, designers etc

Helen Oro Designs @ Couture Fashion Week, Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York, NY, September 6, 2014.

Canadian shoe designer, Helen Oro talks about her latest collection after the runway show during NY Couture Fashion Week 2014.


Helen Oro- Instagram

Eagle Feather News

Helen Oro, from Pelican Lake First Nation but resides in Saskatoon, has her own fashion business in the comfort of her home.