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Religious Tradition-Islam: Islam Videos

Year 11 Studies of Religion II

Islam- An Introduction

Welcome to this 9 part series on the basics of Islam! This session is the introduction, and it includes a brief glimpse into the world of Muslims

The Quran


What is Sharia? How is Islamic Law determined and applied? This video covers the very basics of Sharia

The Five Pillars of Islam

Welcome to the second in this 9 part series on the basics of Islam! This session is about the 5 pillars of Islam. It is our prayer and hope that, through understanding the Islamic religion and Muslim culture, you will be able to relate to and understand our Muslim neighbors as you share the Gospel with them.


The very basics on the topic of "hadith". This is video 5 in Creed 2:6's Islam 101 series.

Divisions and Sects

The very basics on divisions, sects, denominations, and movements in Islam.

Articles of Faith

Islamic doctrine: a very brief introduction to the main tenets of Islam.


The very basics on Muhammad, the founder of Islam.


What does "Jihad" mean? What does the Qur'an teach about Jihad? What about the hadith? This video discusses the very basics about Jihad.