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Sports Nutrition: Events

Year 10 PASS

The Meal Plan Site


This internet resource provides example meal plans and eating regimens for a huge array of different people with different nutritional requirements, sports, pastimes and lifestyles. It also aims to provide more meal plans, as we build on this invaluable resource.

Gold Coast Marathon

GCM- This world class international marathon will attract 25,000 participants of all ages and abilities from over 50 countries across eight races including the Gold Coast Marathon, Wheelchair Marathon, ASICS Half Marathon, Wheelchair 15km, Southern Cross University 10km Run, Gold Coast Airport Fun Run, Garmin 4km Junior Dash and Garmin 2km Junior Dash.

Marathon Runner Nutrition and Hydration


Gymnastics Australia

A general healthy eating pattern helps to support the needs of a gymnast. The training diet should include carbohydrate appropriately timed for fuel, lean protein for muscle repair and recovery, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds for vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy fats. 

Please find PDF below for nutrition for a gymnast

Fact Sheet USA Gymnastics

From an energy delivery standpoint, gymnastics is a predominantly anaerobic sport. The rebounding and high-force landings associated with each event result in a high rate of muscle, bone and connective tissue breakdown. Gymnasts must fuel for repeated, intense efforts and restore depleted energy before the next training session. 

L'Etape Australia


Since its inception in 2016, L’Étape Australia by le Tour de France has provided a new level of riding experience in Australia, combining the beauty of the Snowy Mountains, the incredible enthusiasm of the locals and an event run to Tour de France professional standards.

Road Cyclist Nutrition Fact Sheet

Australian Football League (AFL)


Australian Rules Football (AFL) is a professional sport played extensively throughout Australia and to a lesser degree overseas. The game is played predominantly by men, but there is an increasing level of interest and participation by women. AFL is played from primary school upwards at a variety of levels both amateur & professional.

Health and Nutrition for AFL athletes Get tips on training diets and advice on food to help players stay in top form.

SDA- Fact sheet for AFL athletes