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Climate Science: Spatial Inequality

Year 12 EES

Finding Resources in Accessit


Here are some books that you may find useful during your studies.  Search the Bennies catalogue Accessit for more, or browse the Non-fiction collection NFS..


Issues in Society- PDF

Australia 21

In recent decades the benefits of strong economic growth have flown disproportionately to the rich and economic inequality is growing rapidly in Australia. This is not only unfair it also poses threats to community wellbeing, health, social stability, sustainable growth and long-term prosperity.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

The measurement of poverty cannot be undertaken independently of national customs, values and standards of living. This means that in a relatively affluent country like Australia, the meaning of poverty is quite different from the absolute deprivation or subsistence poverty which exists in many developing countries.

Population Statistics of Australia ABS

I.D the population experts


Sydney has emerged as Australia's most unequal major city with the richest 1 per cent of earners snaring more than 11 per cent of all the income.

You Tube

PDF Advance Australia Fair- (extension)

Australia has a long and proud tradition of equality, but in recent decades the benefits of strong economic growth have flowed disproportionately to the rich. In the wake of a declining resources boom, there is a growing gulf between those in the top range and those in the lower ranges of wealth and income distributions.


Is Australia really an egalitarian society? Do our tax and welfare systems still operate to keep the income gap between rich and poor from increasing too much? How is wealth distributed? What is the social wage? This program answers these questions and more.

Geography Journals


How does income inequality compare to more traditional measures of disadvantage, like poverty?

The Conversation

ACOSS- (extension)

Excessive inequality in any society is harmful. It is harmful to the ability of people to participate in social and economic opportunities, and it undermines social cohesion.

Census Australia

Census data provides a rich snapshot of the nation and informs government, community and business.