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Humans at Work: Safety

Year 11 Senior Science

Work Cover

2011 WHS Act

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Today's workplaces are becoming more complex and technologically advanced, which is benefiting us all. However, this increased complexity brings new hazards for workers. Employees need to be aware of the potential hazards and risks in their workplaces in order to minimise or eliminate workplace accidents. Through the exploration of scenarios from a number of different industries, this program looks at the key issues involved in health and safety in the workplace. We investigate common hazards in detail, discuss the overall benefits of safe workplaces and why occupational health and safety is important to everyone. Learn these important lessons before it is too late.26th largest nation on earth.


Is the law making it safer to go to work or are there still too many "accidents" waiting to happen?

In this program we'll consider the reasons for conducting work safely, and look at how to implement workplace safety requirements. We'll also talk about participating in the OH&S consultative process and following safety procedures. Occupational health and safety is everybody's responsibility, not just the employer's. Employees can and should take a hands-on approach to improving the safety of their workplace.

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