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Humans at Work: Brain and Skull

Year 11 Senior Science

Finding Resources in Oliver


Here are some books that you may find useful during your studies.  Search the Bennies catalogue Oliver for more, or browse the Non-fiction collection NFS.

Brain Injury Australia

Concussion in Sport



Cranial and facial bones of the skull, it is a very good studying material for human anatomy students. I got it from my professor as an extra learning material.

Most of our activities take place above ground level. In fact, many occur between 1 and 2 metres above the ground and frequently much higher........This puts the head in the firing line of many potential hazard.

Following the death of a teenage rugby league player, experts say that players, coaches and parents must take steps to protect our kids from serious sports injuries.


Other useful links

Hard Hats and Safety Helmets Hard hats and safety helmets protect the wearer’s head from falling objects in high risk or dangerous areas of the workplace. They also protect workers who are exposed to chemical spills and electrical hazards. Hard hats and safety helmets have a hard and durable exterior which absorbs impact to the head. Some also act as an insulator to protect against electrical shocks. There also may be protective padding inside the hard hat, with an adjustable head harness to secure the helmet. 

Australian Standards- Information Hard Hats A hard hat is equipped with internal webbing that spreads the weight of the helmet (and therefore the shock of impact) evenly over the entire area of the helmet and top of the head. The internal harness also provides a 30 mm "buffer zone" between the shell and the head that will reduce the likelihood of impact from a falling object being transferred to the skull.

What Type of Helmets Have Mandatory Safety Standards?

Sports and Recreation Product Safety

Australian Sports Commission- Playing it Safe

Head Injuries in Sport


Brain Injury Australia Twitter Feed