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Jane Eyre: Characters

Year 11 Extension English



Character Description
Antoinette Cosway Antoinette Cosway is a troubled young woman who loses her father at an early age, is sent to a convent by her stepfather, and whose husband, Rochester, marries her for money. Read More
Rochester Though Rochester is unnamed, readers of Jane Eyre recognize him as the romantic interest of that novel because of his family situation: he has a father and an older brother who do not mean to give him any substantial share of the family wealth. Read More
Christophine Christophine is Antoinette's nanny; she is a strong, independent woman. Read More
Annette Annette is Antoinette's mother; she goes insane after her son dies. Read More
Mr. Mason Mr. Mason is Antoinette's stepfather. Read More
Richard Mason Richard Mason is Antoinette's stepbrother; he gives her away to Rochester. Read More
Amélie Amélie is a servant who works at Granbois; she has relations with Rochester. Read More
Baptiste Baptiste is the caretaker at Granbois; he does not care for Rochester.
Boy Nameless boy is a servant at Granbois; he is fond of Rochester and cries when he cannot go with him to Spanish Town.
Caroline Caroline is a friend of Antoinette's; she invites Antoinette and Rochester to stay with her to wait out a rainstorm.
Coco Coco is Annette's pet parrot; he dies during the fire because his wings have been cut, and he cannot fly away.
Aunt Cora Aunt Cora is Antoinette's aunt; she shows her niece love and affection.
Alexander Cosway Alexander Cosway is one of Old Cosway's illegitimate children and Sandi's father.
Daniel Cosway Daniel Cosway is Antoinette's alleged half-brother, who tells the family's dark secrets to Rochester.
Old Cosway Old Cosway is Antoinette's father, who was reportedly a drunk and had relations with a number of former slaves.
Louise De Plana Louise De Plana attends the same convent school as Antoinette; she is a model student who helps Antoinette adjust.
Mrs. Eff Mrs. Eff runs the house in England and has known Rochester since he was a boy.
Emile Emile is a porter, who helps move the luggage that Rochester and Antoinette are taking to Granbois.
Mr. Fraser Mr. Fraser is a solicitor who reveals to Rochester information about Christophine's background.
Godfrey Godfrey is a servant to the Cosways while they are at Coulibri.
Hilda Hilda is a young servant at Granbois who is always laughing.
Jo-jo Jo-jo is Christophine's son and a big gossip.
Leah Leah works at the house in England and often speaks to Grace Poole.
Mr. Luttrell Mr. Luttrell is Annette's neighbor and the only person who remains friendly to her.
Maillotte Maillotte is a friend of Christophine's who is also not from Jamaica; she is Tia's mother.
Mannie Mannie is a servant whom Mr. Mason hired and brought to Coulibri.
Sister Marie Augustine Sister Marie Augustine is a nun at the convent school Antoinette attends; Antoinette shares one of her dreams with her.
Myra Myra is one of the servants at Coulibri; when the mob starts the fire, she leaves Pierre alone, leading to his death.
Pierre Pierre is Antoinette's brother; he suffers from some unnamed condition and dies in the Coulibri fire.
Grace Poole Grace Poole is the caretaker who looks after Antoinette while she is confined to an attic.
Sandi Sandi is the son of Antoinette's half-brother, Alexander; he may have had an intimate relationship with Antoinette.
Sass Disastrous Thomas is a servant to the Cosways at Coulibri; he leaves when they have no money and returns when Mr. Mason arrives.
Mother St. Justine Mother St. Justine is the head of the convent school Antoinette attends; she teaches the girls about the saints.
Tia Tia is a childhood friend of Antoinette's who proves to be disloyal and spiteful.
Young Bull Young Bull is a man to whom Rochester speaks and who questions Rochester on why he is in the West Indies.