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The Holocaust: Albert Speer

Year 10 History

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Albert Speer- Hitler's Friend- Albert Speer was the architect who served Adolf Hitler with devotion and efficiency, starting with his enthusiastic crafting of Nazi rallies and going on to become an organisational genius whose efforts are credited with keeping the German war machine functioning under the onslaught of the Allied blockade and bombardment.

Albert Speer- HSC Online  through the study of Albert Speer, you will gain an understanding of the role of this personality in a period of national or international history.

WebQuest Resources- Albert Speer

Inside the Third Reich- Downloadable ebook Inside the Third Reich is a memoir written by Albert Speer, the Nazi Minister of Armaments from 1942 to 1945, serving as Hitler's main architect before this period. It is considered to be one of the most detailed descriptions of the inner workings and leadership of Nazi Germany but is controversial because of Speer's lack of discussion of Nazi atrocities and his degree of awareness or involvement with them.

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Warning: The content contained in these videos may be confronting.

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