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Window to the World: Syria

Year 7 Integrated

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Google Earth

Google Earths a geobrowser that accesses satellite and aerial imagery, ocean bathymetry, and other geographic data over the internet to represent the Earth as a three-dimensional globe.

Caritas Australia

According to the UN, the Syrian crisis is the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. And the numbers show this.

Useful Links- Extension

Refugees International

The UN Refugee Agency- Internal Displaced People

International Committee for the Red Cross- Refugees and Displaced People

UNESCO- What is a Displaced Person?

ABC- Number of forcibly displaced people hits 51 million, highest since WWII: UNHC

Save the Children- Syrian crisis

World Vision- Syria Crisis

When war displaces half a country


Amnesty International


A pledging conference for Syria took place on Wednesday 30 January in Kuwait City to raise much needed funds to help those affected by the conflict there. The international donor community pledged more than $1.5 billion in support of the humanitarian response. More than 700,000 people have fled Syria seeking safety in neighbouring countries and beyond and the number is rising by the day. Here, the people who have fled tell their story.

Thousands of refugees were sleeping rough at Budapest’s Keleti station, waiting for trains to take them to western Europe.

Why is the refugee crisis all over the news? How is this related to Syria? Why should we care at all? 

Map Syria


World Map Syria



National Geographic

Mapping Displaced People Around the world- Explore mapmaker interactive layers on refugees, assylum-seekers and IDP's

CIA World Factbook

All you need to know about Syria

BBC Country Profile- Syria


Once the centre of the Islamic Caliphate, Syria covers an area that has seen invasions and occupations over the ages, from Romans and Mongols to Crusaders and Turks.

CARE Australia

More than five years of conflict in Syria have seen one in five Syrians forced to flee their homes, leaving behind homes, jobs, friends and family for a life of uncertainty and desperate survival. Sadly, over half of refugees fleeing Syria are children.

TED Talk-

Alexander Betts- Our refugee system is failing, and here's how we fix it.