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The Cold War: Harry S Truman

Year 10 Elective History

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Sworn in as the 33rd president after Franklin Delano Roosevelt's sudden death, Harry S. Truman presided over the end of WWII and dropped the atomic bomb on Japan.


This episode highlights the historical upset of Harry Truman replacing Henry Wallace as Roosevelt's Vice President in the fourth term as President. This dramatic shift in leadership propels the United States towards Empire building. It explres in depth the relationship between the United States and the soviet Union and chronicles the beginning of the Cold War. Directed and narrated by Oliver Stone.

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The White House

During his few weeks as Vice President, Harry Truman scarcely saw President Franklin Roosevelt, and received no briefing on the development of the atomic bomb or the unfolding difficulties with Soviet Russia. Suddenly these and a host of other wartime problems became Truman's to solve when, on April 12, 1945, he became America's 33rd President.

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Did President Truman make fatal errors of judgment that precipitated the world's slide into the Cold War?