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Decade Study: Australian Historical Events 60's

Year 10 Mandatory History


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The 1960s was one of the most tumultuous and divisive decades in world history – including in Australia.

It saw the birth of the civil rights movement, greater moves towards equality for women in the workplace and the beginnings of legal recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.



Australian History Timeline


The postwar baby boomers reach adulthood during a time of plenty and inject a new mood of subversive rebellion. Long-standing campaigns about equal rights for women and Indigenous Australians become key issues of the decade.


The 1960s bring great change to Australian families. The dinner table is the hub of conversation about the role of young women in work and education, while 'housewives' start experimenting with exotic new dishes like Chinese.

The 1960s and 70s was a time of political and social turbulence, and this context had a significant impact on popular culture. Despite the inundation of American and British pop culture, Australians were making waves at home and internationally with Skippy, the Bee Gees, Mad Max, AC/DC and Dawn Fraser.


The 1960's Changing Times In Australia

FOUR CORNERS - VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: People in the street give their opinion on the White Australia Policy (1962)

From The Film Australia Collection. Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1966. Directed by Joe Scully. Episode 12 of the Life in Australia series. This series was made to encourage immigration to Australia and to highlight the various social activities, employment and educational opportunities and lifestyles of the various cities and regional centres throughout Australia. This film shows an idyllic picture of life in the New South Wales capital of Sydney in the mid 1960s.

Look at Life - Immigration to Australia 1950s 1960s

In the early years of Four Corners, there was a recurring ‘Voice of the People’ segment in which a reporter – usually Keith Smith, who was well known for his ability to talk to just about anyone – went out into the streets to ask regular Australians a particular question. In this segment from September 30th, 1961, Keith asks the denizens of Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach whether they think the bikini should be banned. At that time, there were regulations about how skimpy the controversial bikini swimsuit could be, and beach inspectors roved the sands to enforce the code.


My Place- Decade Timeline

The 1960s was a decade in which the children of the post-war era began reaching maturity and exerting their influences and ideologies onto the Australian cultural landscape. These influences were reflected by large-scale protests and public demonstrations against conscription, the Vietnam War and established rules and restrictive morals. They campaigned for independence and equality of women in the workplace, fairer wages, a free accessible system of education, and the recognition of and a struggle for rights of Indigenous Australians.


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