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Decade Study: Australian Historical Events 90's

Year 10 Mandatory History


Finding Resources in Accessit

Here are some resources that you may find useful during your studies.  Search the Bennies catalogue Accessit for more, or browse the Non-fiction collection NFS...


National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA)

National Museum of Australia

The Defining Moments in Australian History project aims to stimulate public discussion about the events that have been of profound significance to the Australian people.

Reserve Bank of Australia

The Politics of Economic Change in Australia in the 1980s and 1990s

Australian History Timeline


The landmark Mabo judgment by the High Court finds Australia was never terra nullius (empty land) and inserts the legal doctrine of native title in Australian law. The mandatory detention of asylum seekers becomes a political issue.


It's the '90s and the Ferrone family's palate goes on a culinary tour as they experience the changing face of Aussie cuisine with the 'new' flavours of Vietnamese foods, and the 'old' wisdom of Indigenous cooking.

The 1980s was a period of glitz, glamour and excess and in the 1990s alternative became the new mainstream. Baby Boomers were raising families and Gen X was hitting its teenage years. MTV, VCRs and video games changed how we experienced entertainment. And the internet was about to change everything.


My Place- Decade Timeline

The 1990s was a decade marked by the effects of the economic and social revolutions from the previous two decades. The economic measures such as removing tariff protection from local industries and the freeing up of trade benefited many, but not all. There were substantial numbers of Australians who were worse-off as factories closed and manufacturing industries reduced job opportunities, and the unemployed were often unable to transfer into the newly thriving retail, commercial and tourist sectors.




Easy access for student and teachers to select records from the National Archives collection. Search topics for diverse and surprising records about Australia’s history.

National Archives of Australia

ABC Archives