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Natural Disasters: Drought

Year 8 Geography

Finding Resources in Oliver


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A lack or insufficient amount of rain for an extended period of time is called drought. Drought causes water shortages, crop damage, streamflow reduction, and the depletion of groundwater and soil moisture, and has a serious negative impact on agriculture.


Australia is the driest inhabited continent on the planet. Drought in many parts of this nation is a fact of life. At just about any point in time, somewhere in Australia will be experiencing drought. It poses challenges to many areas of society and the economy, particularly the agricultural sector. This program looks at drought in Australia. Featuring interviews with environmental scientist Dr Terry Walshe, together with vegetable farmer Peter Schreur and Mildura-based farmers Bob McCarthy and Neil Bennett, it explores the nature of drought in Australia, the climatic causes of drought, the environmental, social and economic effects of drought and strategies to manage drought.

Almost 90% of Queensland has recently been declared in drought. We checked in with some of the kids living in these areas to find out what sort of problems it's causing for them.

The ‘Big Dry’ was the big topic of conversation at this year's National Grains Conference. Tim Lee looks at the effect the drought is having on Australian grain producers.

A large part of eastern Australia is drought declared, and the big dry is hitting farmers and communities hard. But some farmers seem to be defying the drought. Marty McCarthy hits the road to meet them.

Covers droughts, impact of droughts on farms, drought in urban areas. Cyclones cover warnings, categories and preparation for cyclones.

Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

NASA Earth Observatory

Drought is a frequent visitor in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology describes the typical rainfall over much of the continent as “not only low, but highly erratic.” Over the last decade, drought has dominated Australian weather. 

Bureau of Meterology

August rainfall was below average for large areas of eastern Australia
Rainfall deficiencies have increased:

  • in parts of New South Wales and inland Queensland at the 5-month timescale
  • for most of New South Wales, southwestern Queensland and eastern Victoria at the 8- and 17-month timescales

ABC News

Farmers are facing ruin across New South Wales and Queensland in what some are calling the worst drought in living memory, with costs of stock feed and transport spiraling.  The following charities are supporting the drought affected in Australia.


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