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Natural Disasters: Hurricane

Year 8 Geography

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Tropical cyclones—intense circular storms that originate over tropical oceans—are called hurricanes in the Caribbean, North Atlantic, and eastern North Pacific regions.


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As Hurricane Irma bears down on the East coast, Floridians may be wondering where all the hurricanes come from, and why they all follow a similar course. In fact, Irma, Harvey, and Jose were all born on the other side of the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa, and the Sahara desert may be to blame.

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Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters


Hurricane is the name given to tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic and East Pacific Oceans. In other ocean basins they are known as either Typhoons, Tropical Cyclones, or Cyclones.


Hurricanes form over warm ocean waters. Sometimes they strike land. When a hurricane reaches land, it pushes a wall of ocean water ashore. This wall of water is called a storm surge. Heavy rain and storm surge from a hurricane can cause flooding.


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