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The Gospels: Significant People

Year 10 Religion

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Caroline Chisholm was a Christian social reformer in the early days of Australian settlement. Australia was a series of British colonies and had not yet become a nation.

An Insight into the history of Fr John Joseph Therry

Daniel Mannix (4 March 1864 – 6 November 1963) was an Irish-born Australian Catholic prelate.


In the week leading up to the historic canonisation of Mary MacKillop, this compelling documentary charts her road to sainthood, her two "miracles" and the "crime" which led to her infamous excommunication.


John Bede Polding

Cardinal Patrick Moran

Archbishop Daniel Mannix

James Dixon

Julian Tenison-Wood

John Therry

Philip Conolly

Mary MacKillop

Caroline Chisholm

Patrick Hartigan

William Ullathorn

Jeremiah O'Flynn