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Water in the World: Bangladesh

Year 7 Geography

World Book Student

Log into World Book Student through Firefly- Select World Book Student and type in your search Bangladesh. 

Here you will find useful information about the capital city, population, major landforms, rivers in the country, water usage, climate statistics etc.   

One of the world’s most densely populated nations, Bangladesh is also one of the poorest.

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Bangladesh is the tenth most densely populated country in the world. It's smaller than Iowa, but with a population of around 161 million, it has more than 1,100 persons per square kilometer (.62 miles).

The Water Project

The WHO estimates that 97% of the people of Bangladesh have access to water and only 40% percent have proper sanitation. With a staggering 60% of the population that has to endure unsafe drinking water, the nation is in danger.


Even though water is everywhere in Bangladesh around 20 million people in the coastal belt are suffering from a drinking water crisis.

Water 1st documents the Global Water Crisis in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Water1st in Bangladesh - Our Solution to the Global Water Crisis


Bangladesh is one of the countries most seriously affected by climate change. It is constantly battered by cyclones, coastal surges, overflowing rivers and violent downpours. Climate refugees from across the country are pouring into the capital, Dhaka. But Bangladesh is fighting back. In rural areas communities are developing new and ingenious ways of coping with climate change to help people survive, easing the pressure on the country's capital.


Water Aid

Bangladesh has an abundance of water, with around 24,000 km of rivers flowing through its fertile land. But providing water safe enough for everyone to drink is a complex national problem.

Water 1st International

In 13 years, our partner in Bangladesh has completed 2,447 water projects with Water1st funding. Each project serves a small group of slum residents. The high volume of project construction provides an ideal learning laboratory for water, toilet, and hygiene practices.

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