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Water in the World: Peru

Year 7 Geography

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Here you will find useful information about the capital city, population, major landforms, rivers in the country, water usage, climate statistics etc.   

Peru is a country in western South America. It is a land of arid coasts, high Andes Mountains, and Amazon rainforest. More than three times the size of the U.S. state of California, Peru is as big as Spain, France, and the United Kingdom combined.

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Access to safe water and sanitation has improved in Peru in recent years, yet significant shortfalls in both public infrastructure and household facilities remain. With a total population of 31 million Peruvians, three million lack access to safe water and five million lack access to improved sanitation.

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Today, the main sources of water for Peruvians consist of contaminated rivers, canals, and wells . Almost all of the water that Peruvians drink today does NOT meet standards set forth by the World Health Organization.


The Peruvian capital of Lima is slowly running out of water. Lima is becoming one of the driest capital cities in the world. Daily water shortages are a real problems for Peru’s poorest residents. Lima authorities believe ancient methods are the solution.

Despite an abundance of water in Latin America, the continent is facing multiple problems obtaining life's most precious commodity ... with far-reaching consequences for health.



Peru is a country with vast natural resources and rich biodiversity. Yet years of misuse of water resources by the manufacturing industry, effects of climate change, a growing population and inadequate agriculture practices have increased water scarcity and slowed down efforts towards sustainable development.

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With a population of over 29 million, Peru is the fourth most populous country in South America. Peru consists of western arid coastal plains and deserts, the central sierra highlands, Andes Mountains, and eastern lowlands with tropical rainforests that are part of the Amazon Basin

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