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Water in the World: Pakistan

Year 7 Geography

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Log into World Book Student through Firefly- Select World Book Student and type in your search Honduras.

Here you will find useful information about the capital city, population, major landforms, rivers in the country, water usage, climate statistics etc.   

The Republic of Honduras occupies a prominent pivotal position in the seven-country Central America land bridge that connects North and South America.

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The greatest challenge in Honduras is the lack of international donor support. In the past decade, aid to Central America has decreased dramatically.

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Honduras is inextricably tied to the United States: almost 60% of its exports come to our country. Yet it is the second poorest nation in Central America, and nearly 65% of its population lives in poverty.

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In Honduras, more than half of the population lives in poverty, and per capita income is among the lowest in Latin America.

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Rafael Alvarado has lived in Buena Vista, Honduras, for his whole life. Buena Vista, which means “good view” in English, is a small community located high up in the mountains. In 2013, Rafael joined a CWS- supported program aimed at improving food security for families in the area that is implemented by partner CASM and supported by Foods Resource Bank.


The gravity-based water systems that IMPACT teams and villagers complete together revolutionize day-to-day village life. Clean-water access improves health, increases school attendance, and ends treks to a distant water sources.

In southern Honduras, communities struggle with compounding issues of water and food insecurity, illiteracy and poverty. A project called Dry Corridor Alliance - PROSASUR is working to support thousands of poor and extreme poor families in partnership with the Honduran government.

Church World Service helps small, rural communities in Honduras gain sustainable sources of water. The result changes lives.

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, with approximately 63 percent of the population living below the poverty line. Many of the rural poor work as subsistence farmers, growing only enough food to feed their families and leaving little money for anything else.

It takes 10-12 North American men and 30-50 Honduran men laboring side-by-side to build our gravity-fed water systems. We work hard, sweat a lot, and build great relationships. $60 will buy us 400 feet of pipe.

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Located in Central America, Honduras is bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The country’s mountainous terrain and coastal plains are home to just over 8 million people.