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Texts and Human Experiences: Module B - Critical study of Literature – Henry IV Part 1

Year 12 English

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Absolute Shakespeare

King Henry IV, Part I, picks up where Richard II left off; Henry IV is now King of England but all is not well in his kingdom, Welsh leader Owen Glendower has defeated one of King Henry IV's armies, capturing Edmund Mortimer, its leader.



The first play in Shakespeare’s Henriad trilogy, Henry IV, Part 1 tells the story of Prince Hal leaving behind his days carousing in the Boar’s Head Tavern to assume the royal role into which he was born.

British Library

Henry IV, Part 1 was almost certainly written in late 1596 or early 1597, shortly before its first performance. It was first published in 1598 as The History of Henrie the Fourth, apparently to advertise a change to the name of one of the principal characters



La Branche



Tom Hiddleston plays Prince Hal, the heir to the throne who defies his father, the King (Jeremy Irons) until threatened by a rebellion led by Hal's rival, Hotspur (Joe Armstrong).

You Tube

A synopsis of Shakespeare's Henry IV part 1.

Stage footage from Act II Scene IV from the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Henry IV Part I.

Henry IV online learning pack

Since day one of Bell Shakespeare, education and learning have been at the core of our activities, hand in hand with everything we do. We are proud to present Australian theatre’s most comprehensive and widereaching education programme, allowing students and teachers, young and not-so-young, across this great country, to experience Shakespeare the way it was meant to be experienced.


Henry IV, Part 1, culminates in the battle of Shrewsbury between the king's army and rebels seeking his crown. The dispute begins when Hotspur, the son of Northumberland, breaks with the king over the fate of his brother-in-law, Mortimer, a Welsh prisoner.


Henry IV, Part 1, chronicle play in five acts by William Shakespeare, written about 1596–97 and published from a reliable authorial draft in a 1598 quarto edition.

Royal Shakespeare Company

Matrix Education

This article is your cheat sheet for all the important "deets" about Henry IV, including the plot, characters, themes, genre, context and even a breakdown of the rubric to ace Module B.