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Texts and Human Experiences: Module A - Language, Identity and Culture - Contemporary Asian Australian Poets

Year 12 English

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His story is part of a collection of works called Poems for the Moon. To celebrate the Lunar New Year in 2020 (Year of the Rat), five Asian Australian poets reflect on tradition, legacy, identity and sense of place through verses and voices, poetry beats. Heather Joan Day, Eileen Chong, Ouyang Yu, Jessie Tu, Keith Hung Tran come from diverse Asian backgrounds, offering distinct poetry styles and different cultural experiences navigating a contemporary Australia.

Eileen Chong performs her work Spring Festival - exploring her Chinese heritage and traditions, about food, family and everyday life.



Heather Joan Day performs her work Baby BI BI Bi - Island - reflecting on her experiences growing up bi-racial in Australia.

Jessie Tu performs her work The history of Weight Her story is part of a collection of works called Poems for the Moon.

Keith Hung Tran performs his work All the Good in Me. His story is part of a collection of works called Poems for the Moon.

SBS News

From the gold rush in the 1800s to today's opportunities for skilled migrants: is Australia really the most successful multicultural society in the world?


History of Chinese migration to Australia.

Pocket Compass explores migration to Australia and changing attitudes towards our newest citizens. Their stories reveal what contributes to a migrant's sense of belonging and how that enriches Australian society as a whole.


Travel back in time to witness our long journey to the 24 million people that we have in Australia today.

TED Talks


Asian Century Institute

While a growing share of migrants to Australia comes from Asian countries like China and India, only a very small number come from Indonesia, Australia's nearest and very important Asian neighbor.

Migration Heritage Centre

In 1788, when European settlement began, Australia’s Aboriginal population was about 400,000. Today, over 20 million people live here. Migration has been the main driver for this change. In New South Wales, four out of every ten people are either migrants or the children of migrant.

Asian Immigration to Australia

The maiden speech by the Member for Oxley on 10 September 1996 provided the catalyst for renewed debate on Asian immigration and its significance for Australia. This debate has expanded to countries in the region, and has involved reassertion of the principle of non-discrimination in Australia's migration program through a bipartisan Parliamentary motion, which was unanimously passed.

Merlinda Bobis

Award-winning writer Merlinda Bobis grew up in Albay, Philippines at the foot of an active volcano, which figures prominently in her writing and performance.

Poetry International Web

The Poetry International Foundation is a literary organisation based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and encompassing a number of partner organisations worldwide.

Australian Poetry Library

Ouyang Yu was born in Huangzhou, China, in 1955. In 1983 he graduated from Wuhan Institute of Hydro-Electric Engineering.

Cordite Poetry Review

Asian Australian Diasporic Poets: A Commentary


This ground-breaking anthology collects poems written by Australian poets who are migrants, their children, and refugees of Asian heritage.

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