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Society and Culture-: Surfing

Year 12 Society and Culture

Using Resources in Accessit

Here are some books that you may find useful during your studies.  Search the Bennies catalogue Assessit for more, or browse the Non-fiction collection NFS..

You Tube

Surfing Down Under is a documentary produced by Charlie Wood, it looks into the lives of a handful of Australian surfers, their lifestyles, culture and the beauties of Australia's vast scenery.

Nobody knows were the Polynesians began to surf. Fact is, the Pacific Ocean is the birthplace of surfing. Hawaiians may have lost their kingdom but surfers, have been the leaders in a struggle for environmental and cultural rebirth. They may have been pushed off the land, but have not yet lost the waves. Their surfing roots go back thousands of years, when chants and songs began to honour surfing. Today native surfers still rule the surfing world passing on their Hawaiian spirit and always referring to their Hawaiian roots and values. Their stories lead the way. Here's a historical flashback.


ABC Education

How did surf culture change Australian popular culture? Rock music and the concept of the 'teenager' had arrived in Australia in the 1950s but in the 1960s the surfboard gave rise to a new youth subculture. This clip from 1964 explores conflict in the water and cultural changes that came with the rise of the 'surfie'.

National Museum of Australia

Listen to surf lifesavers John Brown and Don Marsh tell stories about surf culture in Australia.